Our purpose is to provide quality after-school, weekend and holiday time activities for children including children with a disability, morning and afternoon parent and toddler groups and preschool classes and evening classes for teenagers and adults.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure all children and their families have access to a range of quality and diverse social, recreational and educational activities which are fully inclusive and which are at a reasonable cost in a fun safe and stimulating environment.


 Our vision is to be a centre of excellence in Inishowen in the provision of parental networks and activities for children regardless of ability or disability, their families and the community together with developing and sharing our family centre model with other organisations to help establish family centres throughout the country.

We are committed to supporting those most in need to have a brighter healthier future.

Aims & Objectives (Core Values)

  • To ensure our children with a disability have equal access to recreational activities as mainstream children
  • To promote strong family and community bonds
  • To promote healthy living and active play
  • To promote social inclusion and integration of our communities
  • To promote tolerance and diversity
  • To encourage the use of the Irish language
  • To provide top class activities not currently available locally
  • To provide our activities on a regular basis and at a reasonable cost to ensure cross community participation especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with a disability
  • To provide our activities in a fun safe and stimulating environment
  • To build a brighter healthier future for our children