Spraoi agus Spórt hosts a range of social activities for  children with special needs and autism, their parents and siblings.

Our activities include:

Our current programme of activities is available below:


Venue: Milltown House Pool

Swimming Open Session 4:00pm – 6:00pm (120mins)


Swimming lesson Tara McConalogue 4:00pm (30mins)
Swimming lesson Tara McConaglogue 4:30pm (30mins)
Swimming lesson Tara McConalogue 5:00pm 30mins)
Swimming lesson Tara McConaglogue 5:30pm (30mins)


Venue: Milltown House Pool

Swimming John Doherty 4:00pm (30mins)
Swimming John Doherty 4:30pm (30mins)


Contact us in advance to confirm the Saturday activities are running.

Venue: Cooley Equestrian Centre

Horse-Riding Gillian Doherty 12:30pm (30mins)

Venue: Spraoi agus Spórt

Youth Club Eoghan McConigley 2:00pm (240mins)