Foróige Clubs are a safe place for young people to hang out, meet new friends and have a voice.

A Foróige Club is run by the young people themselves and this is what makes a Foróige Club different to other youth clubs. This structure enables the young people to believe in themselves, make decisions and practice leadership.

The members of the club elect a club committee which includes a Chairperson, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Treasurer. This gives them a chance to experience democracy at first hand. The committee then works with the members and is supported by the adult club leaders to control and manage the club. This ensures the members are doing activities they really want to do therefore enabling them to get the most out of the club.

The Foróige Club meets on a Wednesday night during the school term in Spraoi agus Spórt for 1 ½ – 2 hours. The club night begins with a formal meeting, led by the club committee to make decisions about the club. Then members decide if they want to work on a project based on Foróige’s education programmes or just hang out with their friends, enjoying games or activities.

There are two Foróige clubs to cater for two different age groups:

Junior Foróige Club 12-14 years Wednesday 6pm
Senior Foróige Club 15-18 years Wednesday 7.30pm

For further information, or to enquire about joining, please contact Laura Duncan, Club Leader, on 083 4889089.