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Your generosity creates a vibrant and inclusive community, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

You can have a real impact – thanks to you, we can provide affordable and inclusive opportunities, activities and experiences for over 700 people per week!

When you donate to Spraoi agus Spórt, you change so many lives – from new mums like Mary, for whom Spraoi agus Spórt’s Parent & Toddler group was a lifeline when she needed one most…

“As a new mum I do not think I would have gotten through those first couple of years had it not been for the parent and toddler group. I got a break, support, advice and made lifelong friends.”

…to children with special needs like Cliodhna, who through Spraoi agus Spórt has access to the same activities as her siblings, so they could learn and grow together:

“The fact that our child with special needs was made feel the same as her siblings and attend the same activities with additional supports has been amazing and given all our children independence.”
– Patricia, Cliodhna’s Mum

None of this would be possible without people like you

– people who care about making sure that everyone has the same opportunities, irrespective of ability, income, or social circumstance. We need you to ensure that our life-changing services can continue to be delivered.

Please donate today to support those most in need to have a brighter, healthier future.

To increase your impact even further, we invite you to join our incredible community of committed supporters – Cairde Connect.


All of us at Spraoi agus Spórt are so appreciative of your generosity. Together, we can create connection, enhance community, and build a brighter future.

Thank you for believing in us, and in the people and communities we serve.

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Thank you for your generosity – without people like you, we couldn’t deliver our current level of services and support the people who need us most.

How You Make a Difference


Meet Cayla McCarron

When you support Spraoi agus Spórt, you make a real impact on so many people in our community – like Cayla McCarron.

Cayla is nine years old, and loves active play, football and Lego. Cayla is a real social butterfly – she just loves to talk!

Cayla’s journey with Spraoi began during Easter 2022 when she participated in her first mainstream camp – and she loved everything about it. She regaled her family every evening with stories of all the activities she took part in – games, painting, Lego, baking and messy play. Mum Patricia says “she loves the fact that Cayla is supported to take part in a mainstream camp. I know she is in a safe environment and can have fun like other children her age.

Cayla’s story is a testament to the impact of your support. When you join Cairde Connect, you ensure that children like Cayla can continue to be supported to attend camps, creating memories and fostering growth for years to come.

Cairde Connect is more than a giving programme; it’s a chance to be part of a community that changes lives. Your generosity ensures that Cayla can continue to be supported to attend camps for many years to come.

If you’re ready to make a lasting impact, donate to Spraoi agus Spórt today and let’s continue making a difference, one smile at a time!

Your generosity ensures that Cayla can continue to be supported to attend camps for many years to come. You can make a difference by supporting our fundraisers, donating online and buying from our shops – both in the stores or online. All these contributions fund our activities. In particular, funding for Special Needs Assistants give children like Cayla an equal opportunity to take part in these activities.

Thank you for being there for Cayla.