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What is a
Social Enterprise?

Put simply, a social enterprise is a business that exists for the greater social good. The main objective of any social enterprise is to have a positive social, societal, or environmental impact.

Social enterprises often aim to support disadvantaged groups, like those with special needs or those who live in isolated rural areas. They may also work to address issues like mental health, unemployment, regional disadvantage, and gaps in services for women, children, or families.

Like any other business, social enterprises can create a profit. The difference with a social enterprise is that they re-invest their profits back into the business. The profits can then be used to e.g. to promote growth, extend their services and increase employment. They can be community-based or nationwide.

Social enterprises create employment and support many Government policy objectives in areas such as employment, physical and mental health, and the environment.


Social enterprises create employment and support many Government policy objectives

How is Spraoi agus Spórt a Social Enterprise?

Spraoi agus Spórt is a successful and sustainable social enterprise that enhances the local community. It does this by offering services for families, children, adults, and young people including those with a disability and/or autism. We work to address disadvantage, strengthen our community and enhance opportunities in this isolated geographical region.

We provide affordable and inclusive opportunities, activities and experiences to meet the needs of the community.

Our purpose is to ensure that everyone gets the same opportunities, irrespective of income, ability or social circumstance.

The Benefits of Spraoi being a Social Enterprise

Because we work as a social enterprises, we offer lots of benefits to our local community:

  • A range of courses programmes and activities tailored to meet the needs of families, children, adults, young adults and those with special needs.
  • Securing multi-million capital funding to boost economic growth in the region
  • Offering special needs assistants services so children and teenagers with a disability and/or autism can attend activities in the same way as their peers
  • Innovating to offer digital and technical skills to young people
    Small groups for classes and workshops
  • All funds raised are invested locally
  • We invest income earned from commercial activities like our online shop back into services and growing our enterprise to meet ever-changing community needs

Spraoi agus Spórt would like to thank the Arise Project and its funders for support in promoting our business as a social enterprise: