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Spraoi agus Spórt social enterprise have announced the opening of a new sustainable home store on Newpark Road next Saturday 2nd December at 10am.

Síoraí Home is set to “revolutionise the way we think about home furnishings,” says Spraoi Circular Economy Hub Lead, Lorraine Carey. “It will offer an array of recycled and revamped furniture, home decor, and more, all in the spirit of sustainability and unique style!”

About Síoraí Sustainable Home Store

Never considered buying pre-loved or revamped furniture before? Lorraine says Síoraí Home is here to change that perception. “Our collection includes stunning pieces like beautifully detailed tables that have been sanded, painted, or varnished, and chairs tastefully reupholstered, each given a new lease of life. This upcycling process transforms discarded items into something new, adding a unique flair to your home interiors.

“Upcycled furniture from Síoraí Home is not just about aesthetic appeal. It’s a cost-effective way to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces that carry a story. The skill, expertise, and creativity poured into each revamped piece are evident, showcasing incredible craftsmanship. By choosing these items, you not only adorn your home with exclusive decor but also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and supporting local initiatives like Spraoi agus Spórt.”

Síoraí Baby, a Book Haven, and Seasonal Delights

Alongside a furniture collection, Síoraí Home will also offer baby furniture and goods for growing families and lots of books of all kinds. Lorraine says they will have “a Christmas shop and toy shop to provide a sustainable way to celebrate the festive season with pre-loved treasures.”

The opening of Síoraí Home follows the successful launch of Síoraí Clothing & Accessories four weeks ago. Helen Nolan, Spraoi agus Spórt Chief Executive says Síoraí means continual or unceasing and that Síoraí Home is set to “further inspire the community to embrace sustainable shopping. Our mission is to encourage people to think twice before buying new, opting instead for unique, pre-loved items that tell a story.

“We would like to thank The Ireland Funds who have supported us to make our Circular Economy Hub happen through their Heart of the Community Fund. We would also like to thank Donegal County Council and Bryson Recycling for their support and our wonderful team in Spraoi agus Spórt who have a proud history of getting behind a project and making it happen.

“We warmly invite you to the grand opening of our Síoraí Home store this weekend. Experience the joy of finding that perfect piece of revamped furniture, the thrill of discovering a unique home accessory, and the satisfaction of making environmentally responsible choices. Let’s celebrate the festive season together with style, sustainability, and a touch of magic.”