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Young People

Spraoi prides itself on working with young people of all ages. We are delighted that we secured funding under the Rural Regeneration Development Fund to develop a purpose-designed and built youth space for teenagers. We look forward to that day, but in the meantime we have lots of activities on offer! Check out the details below:

Mental Health
Youth Clubs


We believe young people in rural areas like Inishowen should have the same access to opportunities as young people in other areas. So, our aim is to offer as wide a range of activities as possible. Many of our activities for young people take place during the school holidays, such as:

  • Surfing Camps
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Adventure Camps
    However, in addition to holiday time camps, we also have a range of term-time music, sport and leisure activities such as:
  • Keyboard
  • Piano Accordion
  • Basketball
  • Guitar
  • Tin Whistle
  • Camera Club
  • Table Tennis
The classes we provide have been lifechanging for some of our young people. For example, Killian McCarron has gone on to generate income from his music and secured a third level place to pursue it professionally as a career.


To help create a level playing field for young people in this area, Spraoi agus Spórt work hard to create access to STEAM skills and experiences. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

We place particular emphasis on access to creative, digital and tech skills and our Digital Creative Lab plays a huge role in this. To date over 678, young people, including 3 with disabilities, have completed a 6-week programme there. Of these, 358 did not have a computer at home or one that they had access to and 500 did not know what STEAM meant before they did our programme. Almost 100% of those who took part, said the programme made them more confident using digital tech and of their digital skillset.

We can bring our Digital Creative Lab to your school, our range of programmes are:

  • Digital Creative Learning - 5th & 6th Class
  • Digital Creative Learning - Transition Year
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Digital Photography
  • Vlogging
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Music and Sound
  • Teacher Training

Mental Health

We work to support mental health in the following ways:

  •  Tackling social isolation: our range of classes and activities are offered locally and provide young people the opportunity to mix with others.
  •  Offering positive experiences and skills: Our courses and classes also provide young people with new skills, which boosts their confidence; in addition, the physical activity involved in many of our sport and leisure activities helps enhance your mood and mental well-being. Young people over 16 can take part in our sea swimming and Couch to 5K programmes.
  •  Addressing rural disadvantage: We offer access to digital and creative skills, which enhance young people’s chances of working and staying in Donegal, instead of having to leave permanently.

The HSE Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) work from the Spraoi agus Spórt hub in Millbrae, Carndonagh, for two days every week. CAMHS is a specialist service for people under the age of 18 with mental health difficulties. These are difficulties that affect your thoughts, feelings and behaviours every day. Some conditions treated in CAMHS include:

  •  moderate to severe depression
  •  anxiety
  •  eating disorders depression
  •  self-harm depression

Youth Clubs

Foróige is Ireland’s leading youth organisation working with over 50,000 young people across Ireland. The clubs are run by the young people themselves – supported by volunteer leaders – which makes them different to other youth clubs. This structure enables the young people to believe in themselves, make decisions and practice leadership

Foróige clubs have been running in Carndonagh for over 30 years with the help of the volunteer leaders. These leaders give up their time to provide new and exciting opportunities for young people in the locality. Since Spraoi agus Spórt opened in 2010, we have hosted the clubs’ weekly meetings. So, we have seen many young people enjoy and benefit from their involvement in that time.

Foróige Clubs provide a safe place for young people to hang out, meet new friends and have a voice. Members elect a club committee which includes a Chairperson, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Treasurer. This gives them a chance to experience democracy at first hand. The committee then works with the members and is supported by the adult club leaders to control and manage the club. This ensures the members are doing activities they choose – so they get the most out of the club.

Some typical Club activities include:

  • Getting involved in local community projects like clean ups and fundraising
  • Having fun through games & activities or just hanging out
  • Going on outings to various locations from Local to National events
  • Meeting other clubs for discos, festivals, quizzes, talent shows etc.
  • Taking part in Foróige programmes like Leadership for Life, NFTE (Entrepreneurship), Real U (Relationships and Sexuality), Be Healthy, Be Happy (Health and Well Being), YES programme – Youth Engineering Solutions, Level-up & Futureproof amongst others.

Carndonagh Foróige Club meets on Monday & Wednesday nights during the school term in Spraoi agus Spórt for 1 ½ – 2 hours.

There are two Foróige clubs to cater for two different age groups:

  • Junior Foróige Club | 10-12 years | Monday 7.00pm
  • Senior Foróige Club | 12-17 years | Wednesday 7.00pm

For further information, or to enquire about joining, please contact Laura Duncan, Club Leader, on 083 4889089

Other Foróige Projects/Services available in Inishowen: Foróige Donegal Youth Diversion Projects Foróige Teen Parents Support Programme Foróige Donegal Integrated Youth Project (IYP) Foróige Donegal Youth Drug and Alcohol Education and Prevention Project Foróige Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) Donegal. Donegal Youth Council For more information, contact Susan/Eimear at


Inclusion has been a guiding principle in the way we run things at Spraoi agus Spórt since the very beginning. But you cannot be inclusive without support, so we enabled children to take part in our activities by providing one-to-one Special Needs Assistants. As our participants grew up, we grew with them. So today, we can improve access by providing, for example, wheelchair friendly transport to youth activities. Here's one example of how this works:

When Ruby McCandless - a wheelchair user – was 14 she was dependent on her parents when she needed to travel. That is, until Club Spraoi offered an accessible bus service. For the first time ever, Ruby travelled without her parents to a social event with her friends. This gave Ruby the sense of freedom and independence, which is essential to the wellbeing of teenagers. It also meant her parents didn’t have to do a 40km round trip, giving them extra them time with Ruby’s siblings. So, the service offered valuable respite for Ruby and her family. Also for Ruby, like many of the young people using the bus, the trip became as enjoyable as the Club. Ruby featured in a Gallery of Photography exhibition, showing how a bit of thought can transform people’s lives. You can read more about this Ruth Medjber exhibition in this Irish Times article here.

Spraoi provides 800 hours of alternative day time respite to 10 teenagers with a disability and/or autism each year on behalf of the HSE (Health Service Executive). This respite uses a person-centred-approach where the young person chooses the activities, they wish to take part in. Please get in touch if you would like to avail of our alternative respite programme.